General informations🠉

The Bulletin of the Network ''Mediterranean Waterbirds'' is a biannual newsletter with a spring-summer issue (submission before the end of October, published in January) and a autumn-winter issue (submission before end April, published in July). This network newsletter is available only in electronic format and is accessible on this website.
The Bulletin publishes articles, notes, summaries and abstracts relating to the monitoring and management of waterbirds and wetlands in the Mediterranean region (inventories, raw or synthesized information, technical/ method employed or able to improve, cases of successful conservation, etc . Also, the Bulletin takes into account all relevant information relating to the interest domains of the network (dissertation abstracts, analyzes or long articles, relevant bibliography, etc.).
Since its release in 2013, the Bulletin has published two issues containing many papers, including summaries of the waterbirds counts in several Mediterranean countries, both locally and nationally.
However, the Bulletin that wants to be a space for dissemination of information, communication and exchange between the different network partners which brings not only recognized institutions and scientists, but also NGOs and ornithologists from different backgrounds.

To this end, we strongly encourage the participation of all those involved in the fields of the network interest to submit their publications to share and capitalize the experiences of all in order to share the knowledge and the conservation of Mediterranean waterbirds and wetlands.

Issues of the Bulletin🠉

The content of the Bulletin is in English and French. Texts of introduction and conclusion are in both languages​​, as well as all titles, all legends and all abstracts of articles and reports. The contents of articles, reports and news is either in French or in English.

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The issue 3 of the Bulletin will be available in July 2016

Instructions for authors🠉

For more information, please download the Bulletin of instructions for authors 2015
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