Eurasian Stone-curlew🠉

Burhinus oedicnemus
Distinguished from other waders by its plover-like habits. It is difficult to spot because of its camouflaged colouration, and its movements are often stealthy, and it often crouches down on the ground. The Stone-curlew has a large yellow eye, and the contrasting black and white in the wings is distinctive.
Call a little like the Eurasian Curlew: loud “kurrli-ee” or “kurrli”.
L. 38-45 cm ; W. 76-88 cm.

©Thomas Galewski

Senegal Thick-knee🠉

Burhinus senegalensis
Slightly smaller in size than the Stone-curlew, but with a longer, heavier bill, which shows less yellow than the Stone-curlew, and the wing has a larger white patch in the primaries, a broad pale grey wing-band, and no whitish stripe edged with black. The tail is generally more uniform, and the greyish-yellow legs are duller.
Voice: series of sharp, plaintive whistles faintly recalling Oystercatcher.
L. 35-39 cm ; W. ?
Similar species: Eurasian Stone-curlew.

©Frédéric Pelsy

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