Greater Flamingo🠉

Phoenicopterus roseus
Unmistakeable. Overall colouration white with pink tints. Coverts red and remiges black. Legs pink. Bill flesh-pink, black at the tip. In flight, very long neck and legs extended.
Juvenile: white with grey-brown tints, without pink or red.
Voice: cackles like a goose.
L. 120-145 cm ; W. 140-170 cm.
Similar species: Lesser Flamingo.

©Thomas Galewski

Lesser Flamingo 🠉

Phoenicopterus minor
Similar to the Greater Flamingo but distinguished by the smaller size, a shorter, thicker neck, some pink feathers of the upperparts with red streaks, pink eye, and dark red bill with a black tip.
Juvenile: grey-brown like juvenile Greater Flamingo but bill all dark.
Voice: low murmuring “murrrh-murrrh-eh” on the ground, or a “kwirik” in flight.
L. 80-90 cm ; W. 90-100 cm.
Similar species: Greater Flamingo.

©Aurélien Audevard

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