Presentation of the Mediterranean basin🠉

Biodiversity hotspot
The Mediterranean basin is a hotpsot of biodiversity. It is one of the 34 richest and most threatened regions listed on the planet.

A high rate of endemism
The Mediterranean basin shows marked reliefs and the existence of many islands and peninsulas have favoured the evolution of many endemic species.
  • 48 % of reptiles
  • 52 % of flowering plants
  • 63 % of freshwater fishes
  • 64 % of amphibians

A biodiversity shaped by human
In 10,000 years of history, human has shaped the Mediterranean landscape: today there are only 5% of natural habitats in the Mediterranean.
Mediterranean wetlands are probably one of the ecosystems the most affected by degradation/loss of natural habitats.
Wetlands coverage of the countries belonging to the Mediterranean Basin (MWO 2012)

A biodiversity under pressure
Since the last century, the pressure on the Mediterranean wetlands have increased and new threats have emerged: urbanization, infrastructure, intensive agriculture, industrialization...
  • 60% of the world "water-poor" population live in the Mediterranean
  • 400 million people and 150 million tourists per year
  • 150 million people more expected in 2025

Principal threats to species in Mediterranean wetlands according to the IUCN Red List (

Presentation of the principal Mediterranean wetlands🠉

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