Collared Pratincole🠉

Glareola pratincola
The Pratincole is a wader that resembles a tern, with its long pointed wings and forked tail, when hunting insects in flight. The square white rump contrasts with the grey-brown back. The underwing coverts are red-brown, but often look black from a distance. There is a clear contrast between the black remiges and the paler upperwing coverts. In addition, the trailing edge of the wing is white.
Noisy in flight, the call is a brief, loud “kitt” or “kittik”.
L. 24-28 cm ; W. 60-70 cm.
Similar species: Black-winged Pratincole.

©Thomas Blanchon

Black-winged Pratincole🠉

Glareola nordmanni
Very similar to the Collared Pratincole. Distinguished by the darker upperparts and wings, with black underwings in flight. At rest, the legs are a little longer, the wingtips always extend beyond the tail. The adult usually has less red at the base of the bill, and more dark on the lores.
Voice similar to Collared Pratincole, but calls drier and harsher.
L. 24-28 cm ; W. 60-68 cm.
Similar species: Collared Pratincole.

© Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA),

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